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Among the one that stand out is the Vaykor Marelok. The weapon deals a truck of damage and has a fantastic status chance of thirty five percent but sports a lower critical multiplier of only one.. Vaykor Marelok Build 2018 (Guide) - Steel Meridian's Pride (Warframe Gameplay) - Duration: 15:33. LeyzarGamingViews 67,213 views. 15:33 The Marelok combines the stopping power of a rifle with the portability of a pistol. In essence, the Marelok pistol is a shortened Grinlok that has a higher fire rate, at the cost of lower damage and accuracy, as well as reduced critical damage, magazine size, and status chance The Vaykor Marelok is a Marelok variant available only from Steel Meridian.Boasting a larger magazine, critical chance and status chance, the Vaykor Marelok also comes with an innate Justice effect.. Acquisition. The Vaykor Marelok can be acquired by reaching the Rank of General with Steel Meridian, and spending x26px‍100,000 to purchase. As with all Syndicate Weapons, the Vaykor Marelok. Please watch: Beware Angry Mario - This Game Is Amazing - DRG With Shy, DK & Frozenballz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_OltWIjnoB4 --~-- Whats your favor..

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Grâce à ses pouvoirs, Merlock vécut depuis l'Antiquité jusqu'au XX e siècle. Il possédait un talisman très puissant, formé d'un cristal vert, et d'une lampe merveilleuse contenant le Génie. En joignant les pouvoirs de ces deux artéfacts, Merlock était virtuellement capable de tout. Son premier voeu fut la vie éternelle Warframe Vaykor Marelok - Duration: 4:02. Mogamu 240,900 views. 4:02. Funniest VR Moments of 2020 (so far) - Duration: 33:35. JoshDub Recommended for you. 33:35. Warframe - Nightwave Shenanigans. Considering you wanted a Vaykor Marelok build, here you go. I am not going to say it's the best, but it'll definitely one shot things up to 30. Went the dual stat/proc mod route to avoid using more than one forma (Not that 100% procs isn't fun, move around the elements and Corrosive/Explosion can sometimes be great for CC Vaykor Marelok for medium-to-long range, Synoid Gammacor for short range. Synoid is also very useful if you have a frame that needs a lot of energy. level 1. 2 points · 5 years ago. It's certainly not the Mara Detron, as powerful as the weapon is. Synoid Gammacor or Brakk are probably the strongest in terms of pure damage, while the Vaykor Marelok has some of the best stopping power. level 1.

Vaykor Marelok là vũ khí được nâng cấp từ Marelok và được bán từ phe Steel Meridian.Cùng với việc có số lượng đạn trong 1 băng đạn lớn, tỉ lệ chí mạng và tỉ lệ gây hiệu ứng sát thương element rất cao, Vaykor Marelok còn có thêm cả khả năng thiên phú từ Justice.. Đặc điể Best pistol or secondary :: Warframe General Discussion ^^^ My goto Vaykor Merlock builds Maybe I'm wrong but I distrust crit build on vaykor, also I don't find it accurate enough for reliable headshots. Maybe if someone could prove me wrong, mathematically But forget that if you headshot argument - that's giving yourself extra things to worry about /extra work. Not my thing. My clasic, 90% status, 4 elemental, 14 rounds mag setup, 3 forma. Background. Merlock is a tall anthropomorphic wolf.He possesses a green magic talisman that gives him magic powers, which include the ability to turn into (non anthropomorphic) animals, including a hawk, a beetle, a griffin, a bear, and a cougar.When placed on the Genie's magic lamp, the talisman grants Merlock an unlimited number of wishes to be granted, instead of the usual three Vaykor Marelok for its high status chance, & decent crit chance. Telos Akbolto for its high puncture, highly Accuracte, & its dual weild. I have made a loudout for each, & the dps is pretty different.. Telos Akbolto: 2205.06 TOTAL DAMAGE, 35280.96 BURST DPS, 17724.88 SUSTAINED DPS, that is with normal Crit chance, & status proc chanc

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Thoughts on the Vaykor Hek and Marelok? Discussion. Close • Posted by. u/alphawarframe. 42 minutes ago. Thoughts on the Vaykor Hek and Marelok? Discussion. Running out of things to buy from Steel Meridian so these two... shotgun and pistol. No idea about the, they look ok. Thoughts? 9 comments. share. save hide report. 75% Upvoted. What are your thoughts? Log in or Sign up log in sign up. Merrok était un Proconsul du Sénat romulien au cours du 24ème siècle. Histoire En 2372, Elim Garak raconta qu'il avait un jour rencontré le Proconsul Merrok, lorsqu'il travaillait comme jardinier à l'ambassade Cardassienne sur Romulus. Quelques semaines plus tard, Merrok fut empoisonné, l'un des.. Nous proposons des médicaments sur ordonnance et des solutions pour traiter le cancer, la sclérose en plaques, l'infertilité, les troubles de la croissance, ainsi que certaines maladies métaboliques et cardiovasculaires

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For secondary, I use vaykor merlock for the armor/health buff. I don't use toxic lash so my melee is just for show. I normally run anku or mire. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites. VayeDarkfire 1 VayeDarkfire 1 Initiate; PC Member; 1 5 posts; Posted March 29. Vaykor Marelok for its high status chance, & decent crit chance. Telos Akbolto for its high puncture, highly Accuracte, & its dual weild. I have made a loudout for each, & the dps is pretty different.. Telos Akbolto: 2205.06 TOTAL DAMAGE, 35280.96 BURST DPS, 17724.88 SUSTAINED DPS, that is with normal Crit chance, & status proc chanc

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  1. so im sad now, i use to love using a Zylok\Vaykor Merlock\Lato vandal and falcor combo...or a zakti. and it was just fun as hell running about with those weapon combos... but now.. nah its gone. glaives are dead. they seriously need to fix this as it was one of the few things that died hard in the Melee rework. also now i have 2 rivens (glaive prime an falcor) that do nothing and all the.
  2. Just a few thoughts about our dear Lotus. Lady Lotus has no problem at all with having people killed. Shes just like the leader of a mafia, gang, or branch of government. I dont care what she is trying to claim, Im with the Stalker and Teshin on this one: Lotus is the bad guy in this story. We ha..
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Vaykor Merlock Vasto Prime Zacti Mara Detron Spyra Prime Nukor Panderro Twin Grakata Sonicor Twin Rogga Twin Vipers Wraith Melee: Bo Prime Galatine prime Glaive Prime Vaycor Sydon Dex Dakra Jat Kittag Jat Kussar Destresa Kestrell Nami Skila Prime Orvis Nikana Prime Ortos Prime Broken war Prismatic Twin Cleavers Sarpa Endura Silva & Aegis Prime Broken Scepter Twin Krohur Scindo Prime Pets and.

Doesn't have to be good weapons it can just be for awesome facto puns aside, Hek/Vaykor Hek would really use some skins. its surprising that such a popular weapon does not have at least 1 skin after so many years. 35 comments. share. save hide report. 96% Upvoted. [Warframe] It's good to know that we can dream more than once. (U18 is out!) « 1 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 100 The Glaive is a three-edged throwing blade that can be utilized as both a melee weapon and as a thrown weapon. If thrown, this weapon will bounce three times or travel 30 meters before returning to its owner. The Glaive blueprint can be acquired from the Nightwave Offerings. It can also be obtained via Daily Tribute if the player hasn't mastered this weapon. Glaive as well as the Glaive. Obvious contenders: Boltor Prime, Soma Prime, Dread What are your absolute favorite primary weapons? Why do you love them

[Warframe] It's good to know that we can dream more than once. (U18 is out!) « 1 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 100

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